Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family visits

Roxanne got to see lots of family this weekend. Justin's sister Kaitlin and her boyfriend Jamie came down yesterday to look at different apartments for their move to Atlanta in the fall. Roxanne and I didn't come to all the touring, but we got to eat brunch and dinner with them. We also got to play at our house for a little while. Roxanne was a little standoffish at first, but she warmed up to them eventually and started acting like her usual "hammy" self. Today we went to Roswell to go thrift store shopping, and my mom came to meet us at the second store (Goodwill). Justin went and had some alone time at Starbucks while me and Roxanne and Nana shopped. Nana let Roxanne stick her hands in her Cheerio bag and get big handfuls, which is one of her favorite things to do. It's something I don't allow anymore... Aren't grandparents way more fun than parents? We also went to Wal-Mart while we were in Roswell, which is a rare trip. I actually went in by myself and feel like I spent hours in there... It's like a black hole. But I had to return something, and I ended up getting Roxanne a booster seat that I've been wanting for months. It's so exciting! It straps onto big chairs, so it's perfect for restaurants.

The most exciting part of my day today was finding a Weebles castle at Goodwill. It's missing a couple of small parts, but it's in GREAT shape. And it was $5. Roxanne really likes it. We put new batteries in it, and now it plays music and has a motorized moat that keeps the Weebles moving around the castle in circles. She really gets a kick out of that moat. She hits the button over and over again. It's really a shame that Weebles were discontinued... I decided to keep scouring consignment sales and thrift stores for more Weebles and Weeble-related stuff, but I'm going to try not to get on Ebay for any of it. That would be a can of worms... There are TONS of Weebles on Ebay.

Poo trauma continues. I'm not using the suppositories any more, so it has now been over a week since Roxanne pooped. Tuesday is D-Day though. Trauma or no trauma, It can't go beyond that. Poor Roxanne.

And on that note, I'm out. I've got more knitting to do. I'm working on like 3 projects at once. I just finished some baby hats for J's new baby, and one for Evie. I love knitting. It's so relaxing. I will say it gets tough with Roxanne though. She is always trying to get my yarn balls and going "baaaalll, baaalllll, baaaallll" while trying to walk off with it. She's like a kitty. Stinker.

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