Sunday, April 12, 2009

Playing catch-up

So, it's been one of those weeks/weekends where I didn't get much sleep or time to catch up. I'm going to try and go to bed early (haha) and catch up a little, but we'll see. Following up on my last post, we did go to see the house, and it was just too much work. It's such a shame to see a cute house with so much potential in such rough shape. I mean, it needed an entirely new roof (even some of the wood structure underneath was rotten) and the walls were moldy, all the windows were busted out, etc. etc. etc. Sigh. I found another foreclosure right in downtown Decatur that was PERFECT, and of course, it sold almost immediately. The scary part is that it sold at 121% of the asking price from the bank. Yikes. We can't compete there. Especially since this home still needed some work. Oh well, the right thing will come along. And I'm really enjoying looking at listings. It makes me feel almost like I have some sort of corporate job again. Almost. Usually I'm looking at listings during nap time or while the babies are eating. The last time I talked to the mortgage broker, I had to interrupt him to tell someone to stop eating dirt. And yes, it was Roxanne. She loves dirt.

We had a very full weekend, with friends over Friday night, then Chloe's fourth birthday party on Saturday afternoon, and then straight to Pop Pop and Yaya's farm to spend the night. Sunday morning we went to Gainesville to see Tucker's christening and have brunch at the club, which included an Easter egg hunt. Roxanne was spoiled and got several Easter bundles from assorted family members (Thanks to all, she loves all of it!). She also had another Easter egg hunt at my parent's farm. Colleen (Yaya) organized that, and Roxanne surprised me by picking up on it so quickly. She really seemed to enjoy picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket at both places. Justin and I were really torn about what to do for her Easter basket. I finally got some Annie's Organic Bunny Cookies in chocolate, and put them in plastic eggs. I also got her a little notebook and knitted her a tiny bunny. He was very simple, with no limbs or eyes, but she seemed to like him. I tried to shape his body like an egg, so she could fit him in the plastic egg shells, and she definitely got a kick out of that. For her dress, I put her in one of my old dresses. As you can see above, I'm wearing it to get my picture made with my sister. I guess I'm about the same age as Roxanne is now, but I'm not sure. My mom told me today that she got the dress at a pharmacy in Winder. Wouldn't it be neat if stores were still like that? I mean, I guess some are, but not many. I thought it had been my Easter dress at some point, but I'm not sure. Either way, we thought she looked really cute in it. Like a baby doll.

I can't think of much else that is new at the moment. I'm too tired. I am putting LOTS of new photos on our Flickr page, but I will try to post another entry here that is just some of my favorites. I know it can be a little overwhelming when I put like 30 photos up at once on the Flickr page. I'm just lazy. And the uploader keeps failing on me, which is really annoying.

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J said...

You look like you're two or 2 1/2 in that picture. I just think of that self-aware expression.. Maybe you were just a genius. :-) I think Roxanne looks adorable. Make sure to take a picture of her in the other dress, too.