Monday, April 27, 2009


So it's Monday again. When did that happen? We had a busy week last week, and our weekend was pretty packed, too. Roxanne and I went to Greenville to stay with my sister's family, and we both had a great time. Photos soon. Roxanne had SO much fun hanging out with her cousins, and I loved watching her play with so many girly toys. She really liked a baby doll umbrella stroller. She pushed that thing all over the house for a really long time. Of course, it helps that she had more than ten feet to run around in. Unlike our house... We both missed Justin though. He stayed home to try and take a little vacation from his super busy work life. Also, we are trying to put an offer on a house, so that has been INSANE. One issue after the next. I'm pretty sure that there is a roughly 3% chance that we will get this house, which is why I've kept it off of the blog, but it is really time consuming (and thought consuming) so I'm writing about it now... But I won't go into details. We still haven't even gotten the bid in yet. We hope to do that tomorrow. I'm convinced it will be sold any second... To someone else, with less hoops to jump through... Government programs are great in that we wouldn't be able to buy a house without down payment assistance, but they are really really really complicated. And then add to it that we have to buy a foreclosure that costs under 15% of the fair market value and is not located in a terrible part of town... Yeah. Lots of hoops.

We went to the Inman Park Festival on Sunday when Roxanne and I got back, and it was wonderful. Publix had set up a kids' play area, and Roxanne had lots of fun. Although I think her favorite parts were the greasy grilled cheese that came in a yellow plastic hat (which she wore for the rest of the day) and running around the field where we sat to eat lunch and hamming it up with all of the festival-goers. I mean really. She is such a flirt! She also got a kick out of riding the Marta train. We only went one stop, but she was screaming and laughing the whole time. She's a funny little thing.

I just wanted to take a minute to document her eating habits. Mainly for my own amusement in a few years... She is getting to be a picky eater. Her favorite foods are cheese, in most any form, although she LOVES cheese dip from La Fonda. She likes cheese quesadillas from there, too. And the kid's meal comes with rice and beans, too, and she eats a TON of those, too. She loves most kinds of pasta, but lasagna is her favorite. Sometimes I am able to sneak peas into her macaroni and cheese and trick her into eating them, but she is not a huge fan of vegetables overall. I found some butternut squash ravioli at the Farmer's Market and she liked that a lot. I try to tell myself that that counts as a veggie. :( She will eat broccoli fairly well, which I think is mainly due to the novelty factor of eating a mini tree. She likes sweet potatoes, too. She likes meat, especially turkey lunch meat, grilled salmon, and most kinds of chicken. Oh and bacon, but we try not to make that a common thing... Now that we have started ordering her kids' meals at some of the restaurants we go to, we realize how terrible the options are at most places. It's always mac and cheese, pizza, or chicken nuggets and fries. Heaven forbid anyone market a vegetable or fruit for a little one... She does still like fruit a lot. Grapes, bananas, and certain types of pears are her favorites. She likes tomatoes, but they make her face break out a little. She doesn't like strawberries or melon. She loves yogurt, but she's ambivalent about cow's milk. She's still not weaned, although she is night weaned. Phew!

OK, we're off for a walk. A house down the street burned down over the weekend. It's really spooky looking. I feel sorry for the people who lived there. It was split into several apartments. It makes me appreciate what we have!

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J said...

Evie likes ketchup with cheese a lot. Yuck.

Evie looooves the dolly umbrella strollers too. We went to New Baby Products to get a packnplay for the living room, and she played with one the whole time.