Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well-ish baby

Roxanne's hives are looking MUCH better today. Sorry, I forgot to post after our trip to the pediatrician yesterday. She basically said that Roxanne had hives. It wasn't a reaction to the MMR shot, but it was a reaction to having the vaccine in general. Like it made her immune system go a little haywire. I totally didn't understand, but after talking to my mom, I kind of get it now. According to Nana, who is my go-to person for all things baby/child/health/fashion/home furnishings, etc., hives are usually an auto-immune reaction. So probably what happened was Roxanne's immune system perceived a threat from the vaccines and went into overdrive to fight them, but ended up overdoing it. Ugh. I hate vaccines. But, I trust modern medicine (for the most part) so I can't say I don't want her vaccinated. It's just not nice to see your child covered in welts. This morning the hives are much more faded, which is surprising since the doctor told me she would likely have them for a week. She told me I could give her Benadryl, but that Zyrtec would be better because it lasts for 24 hours. This is fabulous, since giving her the Benadryl every six hours was a pain, especially since she hates it and spits it out all over both of us. She isn't a huge fan of the Zyrtec, but it doesn't make her sleepy, and once a day is really not so bad. And as it turns out, when I went to pick up the Zyrtec at the drug store, they have a Children's Zyrtec especially for "Hives Relief." Again, thanks Modern Medicine.

On another note, I just wanted to take this opportunity to stand on my soap box for just a minute. Roxanne is *knock on wood* very very healthy. She hasn't even had a cold since Christmas, in spite of Ben and Josh going through at least two. Of course, they have one right now, so she might end up getting it in a few days, so we'll see. I know that all of that could be a fluke, but I have to feel like it's at least a little in part because I'm still nursing Roxanne. I know it weirds some people out for an older baby to still be nursing, but after doing research on it, I think it's best for us as a family. Well, me and Roxanne. Justin wouldn't mind if I weaned... But I don't plan on going past 2, no matter what, and I might just go to pumping and giving Roxanne sippy cups at 18 months to avoid some of the potential developmental delays that extending nursing can sometimes cause. Either way, one of the main benefits of extended breastfeeding is strengthening your child's immune system. So for now, we're going to stick with it.

I hope you guys aren't all suffering from allergies. It's so nasty and yellow out!


kramsell said...

We have so much allergy medicine here from all of the girls' sickness a few weeks ago, I tried children's zyrtec last week because I refuse to spend more money on adult medicine for me. The zyrtec doesn't smell too bad when you are giving it to your kid, but man does it taste HORRIBLE. I was shocked that both of my girls took it as many times as they did, yuck! I think the syringe helps, though, you can shoot it towards the back of their mouth so they can't taste it as much. I guess I should've tried that for myself:) And just FYI that little trick works when you give cats medicine, too.

J said...

Evie LOVES the taste of Zyrtec, but it made her super jittery. Jesse and I are the same way with all those medicines.

As for breastfeeding, many developed countries recommend breastfeeding for the first two years. You do what you want to do and as long as your family is happy, then that's what you should do. It sounds like the night time is working out better. As long as that is working out, then why not breastfeed. If wanting to nurse is causing problems at night--that's a different story.