Thursday, April 16, 2009

The snotty tickler

Roxanne has a cold. She woke up this morning with a runny nose. What was all that I kept saying about her awesome immune system? Ooops. Oh well. So far, it's not too bad, just a drippy nose. I have been giving her the Hyland's C-Plus Cold Tablets, and they seem to be making her feel more comfortable. I've also been using saline for her nose, which she hates, but I want to keep things moving.

In other news, Roxanne has learned to tickle people. She waves her fingers at your neck or other body part and goes "tickletickletickletickle" and giggles. It's adorable.

Isn't this weather great? We've been going to the park and playing in the backyard most of the week. Aside from yellow bottoms from sliding down the pollen-covered playground equipment, the babies are in heaven. Maybe that's the snotty nose culprit...

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kramsell said...

I bet her stuffy nose is from the pollen, Ella and Chloe have it too. I've stopped with the claritin and zyrtec, I'm convinced claritin doesn't work and zyrtec turns Chloe into a monster. We have something called DALLERGY that we got a bunch of samples of from the Dr. it seems to work well and it's milder.