Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We still haven't gotten the inspection done. We all showed up yesterday only to find out that the electricity wasn't turned on. At least the gas and water were... Apparently it is probably going to be Saturday before they get it hooked up. At this point, we are thinking about getting an inspection done now on everything that doesn't involve the electricity, and then have the guy come back out when it gets turned on (assuming there aren't any deal breaker things they find not related to the electricity). We'll see.

I still haven't fished out my camera stuff. Sorry. Roxanne's going to have this big gap in her childhood photos. We'll just tell her to blame the Department of Community Affairs. And their stupid down payment assistance program. In lieu of photos, here's my current favorite Roxanne story:

On Friday night, Justin went to Sweetwater Brewery with some co-workers, and Roxanne and I had to kill time until we met up with him for dinner. We went to Target, and I bought Roxanne one of those horrible soft pretzels to snack on while we wandered around. At one point, I was looking at some shoes and Roxanne started fussing. When I looked at her, she had her finger shoved in her nose. I pulled it out and scolded her a little and she calmed down pretty quickly. Um, just as a disclaimer, she puts her finger in her nose fairly often. Like several times a day... So we have a nice dinner, etc., and sometime around midnight, Roxanne woke up crying and when I went to her, she sounded really stuffed up. Since we've all been fighting colds with sore throats, aches, congestion, I was instantly worried that she was showing the first symptoms of a nasty cold. I gave her some water to drink, and in the process, she blew a GIANT pretzel chunk out of her nose. Immediately, any congestion sounds disappeared, and she was totally breathing normally. So now I'm going to have to be always worried about her sticking things up her nose. That can get really dangerous! Sigh.

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