Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspections are over...

and the house did pretty well! The HUD Inspection was yesterday, and the house passed. That inspection is not very intense, but it's the most important in terms of our loan program, since any issues that come up have to be addressed for us to get the grant money. The only thing the guy brought up was that one of the smoke detectors needed a new battery, but he didn't write it down, since it would have made us fail the inspection. That inspection is silly. They don't check things like foundation problems, but if you have a cracked window, you fail. The other house we had under contract failed the HUD inspection times a million. There were like fifty things they noted on there, and that's what pushed us into the renovation loan. It's complicated and I won't explain it, but it's good news. The regular inspection was this morning, and it went surprisingly well. There were quite a few little things to be taken care of, but most of them are things that most houses need. Caulking, painting, etc. etc. The biggest problem is the roof. We would like to replace it as soon as we can. That's one thing we learned in our last experience... replacing a roof is surprisingly inexpensive. But the electrical and HVAC systems are fine. As is the plumbing. So that's a huge relief. We are planning to move ahead as quickly as possible and hope that we can close in a month. Fingers crossed. :)

Justin had the day off today, since he met the inspector at the house this morning, so he took Roxanne and Ben and me to Monkey Joe's this afternoon. We had a wonderful time, and for the rest of the day, Roxanne has been talking about it. she has started this funny thing where she says something very definitive, like "Ben at Monkey Joe's" and then follows it with "Mama," in a very pointed way. Like she wants to make sure I'm listening. For dinner tonight, we met Ariel and Luke at a restaurant in Historic Roswell (Fickle Pickle...mmm) and Roxanne really hammed it up. She danced a lot, said hello and blew kisses at several people walking by, and did lots of chatting with Ariel and Luke. The funny thing about her now is that she clearly knows when she is being cute, and makes little faces that are only for those times. It's like her fake laugh, where she fake smiles, wheezes, and lifts her shoulders up and down. Seriously, she is a ham.

At the end of dinner, she kept saying it was time to go night night. We left, but hung around in the parking lot chatting with Ariel and Luke for a few minutes. Roxanne finally turned to them and said "bye bye Ariel! bye bye Luke!" and blew them some kisses and waved. She was done. She always gets excited now when we tell her we are going home to Nana's house to go home, and she talks about Mike and "eah." She is going to miss them when we finally leave.

I promise, I will find the camera accessories this weekend!

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