Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our singing baby

Roxanne is really into singing these days. We are often treated to medleys of "eensy weensy spider," "ABC," "raining pouring," etc. etc. Roxanne's talking is just really taking off (singing included). When she's hungry in the car on the ride home, she asks me for whatever food pops into her head, so it usually sounds like this: "want bacon mama...cookies mama....popcorn mama...turkey mama...cheese mama..." and on and on. I promise, that is not all she eats, but she is a tough eater these days. I've been cooking with the kids out of a Sesame Street cook book, but they are most excited about the chicken nuggets, pasta dishes, and smoothies. Oh, and they will eat the sweets, too. Shocking. She can ask for specific books to read, and she is learning her colors pretty well with crayons and blocks. Her favorite book of the moment is "Little Hoot." It's a really cute book, and she asks to read it EVERY night. She says "lil hoo, Dada!" It's so cute. She also has a 70's book I bought at a consignment sale about a baby duck called "Butterball." She likes that one a lot, too, and calls it "bayaba." So yeah, I understand her most of the time, but I realize that some of it sounds like gibberish to the untrained ear.

We don't have any house news for now. We are waiting for the appraisal to come back, which will probably take another week, and we will really be relieved once that is done. Because of our loan program, the house has to appraise for at least 1% above the sales price. So if it comes in too low, we will be in trouble. The good news is that we were able to lock in our interest rate at 4.875% and our mortgage banker thinks there is a distant possibility that we might close on our closing date of October 7. Justin and I aren't buying it, but we're hopeful. At this point, as long as we close by November, and close at all, we'll be thrilled. Over the moon thrilled. In the meantime, we are still enjoying living with Nana and Mike and Leah (can you believe they haven't kicked us out into a hobo camp yet?). We house-sat for Ben's family last weekend, and Roxanne was asking for "Nana, Mike and Eah" every once in a while. She's getting spoiled rotten. :)

We hope everyone is well, and for all of our Georgia friends and family, stay dry and safe. It seems like the worst is over with the flooding, but it is really scary.

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J said...

4.8? WOW. Good luck!