Thursday, February 4, 2010

Camera Issues

Sorry everyone, I've been having problems with uploading photos. The laptop is not recognizing my uploading tool, and I hate using the basement computer because I have to sit in a chair and not on the comfy couch to use it... We've been very busy lately, and also sick (ugh). Poor Roxanne and her runny nose... She gets very frustrated at having to breathe through her mouth and screams about her boogers hurting her. Poor little lady. I've got a cold, too. I almost wonder if we have all been passing the same one around for weeks. Ick. Last weekend was super busy, and we hosted an engagement party for Ariel and Luke. People were at our house until 2:30am, and Roxanne only woke up once! Whew! We felt so young again... Although when Roxanne woke up at 6:30 Sunday morning, I didn't feel so young. I felt very very old.

Roxanne is still becoming more and more of a kid. I know I keep saying that, but it's just crazy. She has started saying things that are just shocking to me... Like, I'll ask her if I can have a kiss, and she'll say "Of course you can!" And she has started giving Justin really long-winded accounts of our day at the dinner table at night. She especially loves telling him about when the "boys" got into trouble and had to have time outs. She has also been talking about the bunny that "came in the mail." It's a plush "Calico Critter" that we got for free for joining their mailing list. She was just really excited that she got something in the mail. I didn't think that it would be that exciting at this age, but she was thrilled!

I'm thinking we need to get Roxanne some dress up clothes ASAP. She has started pulling all of her clothes out her dresser and draping them over her. Sometimes she wants help, but mostly, she is happy just to have them haphazardly placed on her head or arms or legs. I put her in her ballerina leotard the other night, complete with her wings, and she was dancing around very delicately saying "I a ballerina, Mama. I dance like a ballerina." She is also really into families and having a "mama," "daddy" and "little tiny baby" of whatever toy she is playing with. She's having a resurgence in her baby interest. The other day she also threw a fit because she kept saying she was a big sister, and we were telling her she wasn't, and she just really really didn't like that. So we finally decided that she was Katie and Boo Boo's big sister. I think the "family" episode of Yo Gabba Gabba is taking over her brain. She is so obsessed with that show. At least me and Justin like it, too!

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