Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Resemblance


Yes, Happy Valentine's Day! But I don't have anything to say about that. What I'm interested in is figuring out if Roxanne looks like me or like Justin. So here are some photos of me and Justin and Roxanne, all taken in the same general time frame. I know nobody likes to leave comments anymore, but please give feedback on who you think she looks like. I feel like I can't tell.


Jim said...

Roxanne looks much more like you, Adriane, with little hints of Justin mixed in. I enjoyed speaking with Roxanne yesterday. When I asked her a question, she would say "I don't know" and then immediately following that the answer. She cracks me up!

adriane said...

Thanks for the input! I still think she looks more like him. But her hair makes it harder for me to figure it out.

Yes, we hear the phrase "I don't know" about a zillion times a day." That and "Big girls don't freak out." But she loves chatting on the phone! Thanks for calling!