Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photo Post

This morning we had fun with some of Roxanne's costumes.

These glasses were a birthday gift from Sarah H. They are hilarious! Thanks Sarah!
This is how you get Roxanne to wear her new DJ Lance Rock hat and glasses (thanks Travis!). Skittles. That's what is clutched in that little sausage hand. Bribing is a cornerstone of our parenting style

Below are some zoo photos. I don't take many there any more because it's old news, but I try to remember to take a couple. Just to see how she is size-wise with everything. She's getting more and more fun at the zoo, since she understands so much more. The only problem is that she wants to pet everything. That's why she's pouting in the panda photo. She really wanted to pet him. I did, too.

The two photos above are from the Aquarium. We got free passes courtesy of my once in a blue moon posting on Pecannelog. And Christa being nice enough to let me go. We had a great time, but didn't take many photos because it was so crowded and impossible to take photos. That's what is going on the "family" shot. We were done.

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