Thursday, February 18, 2010

Obligatory Snow Photos!

Here's Roxanne in the front yard, with her "snow boots" that I fashioned out of some grocery bags. Scoff if you will, but those bad boys totally kept Roxanne's feet and lower legs totally dry while we were tramping around in the yard. I was surprised that she kept them on, since she threw a fit when I put her rain boots on. Hence the grocery bags over her sneakers... Granted, the rain boots are still a size too big, but I put a sock down in the toe, so I thought it might be OK. We are so classy.
Here's me and Roxanne in what would end up being a failed attempt at a snowman. My gloves kept freezing up, and Roxanne just got bored when things weren't happening fast enough.
Would any snow day complete without some snow ball fighting? Me thinks not. Doesn't our deck look pretty in the snow?
Roxanne is wearing her puppy mittens here. She was wonderful about keeping them on. Usually she fights with me and tries to pull them off constantly, but she threw a fit with these any time one fell off. Which was every five minutes. I think her favorite part of the snow was shaking it off the bushes and branches. And stomping on it.
The bottom photos are of Roxanne's first homemade hot chocolate experience. Which was definitely a fun one. She's been really into "cheers"-ing us lately, so we did have a pretty major spill when she tried to "cheers" Justin with her hot chocolate and instead splashed it all over the floor and wall. Oops. But it cleaned up nicely, and she still had some hot chocolate to enjoy. Then they played Play-dough for a while, which is always one of her favorite things. The bottom photo is Roxanne making a "funny face," which is also one of her favorite things ever. Sigh.

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Great photos!! Keep em coming