Sunday, July 27, 2008


I forgot, Justin and I just had our second wedding anniversary! It was July 22. We did go out for dinner on a date and had lots of fun. Of course, we spent most of our time talking about Roxanne. But it was very fun. We went to P'Cheen in Inman Park and acted like grown-ups.

This weekend went by really fast. My mom watched Roxanne with some help from my sister Leah and her friend. Justin got the day to himself (although I know he missed Roxanne). We all went to dinner at Fickle Pickle in Historic Roswell. Roxanne was a little bit of a banshee. She's getting a little harder to take out to restaurants because she is such a mess. She throws everything off the table. It's amusing, but vaguely stressful. On Saturday we went to a party, and Roxanne got to hang out with Griffin again. They were really cute together. And today we went to our friend Ariel's condo in Sandy Springs/Roswell area and went swimming. Roxanne really enjoyed herself this time. She splashed and splashed and actually went most of the way in the water. I eased her into it pretty slowly, and I think that's why it clicked. She kept staring at the water with this crazy level of intensity and reaching one of her chubby little hands and trying to grab it. She was getting confused when the water splashed her face, and I think that freaked her out, but she didn't cry. It really wore her out, and she took a long nap on Justin in a lounge chair. We went to dinner at Greenwoods in Historic Roswell with Ariel and Luke, and it was delicious. I would highly recommend it. The building it's in is really neat, and the food was wonderful.

I got to do a lot of swimming at Ariel's pool, and it was nice, but now I'm sore again. I decided to try and start working out a little every day to help get more energy for keeping up with 3 babies, and Saturday morning was the first day going for a short jog/walk. Good grief I'm out of shape. My legs are hurting! But I'm going to try and stick to it. Too bad I hate working out... Maybe I can absorb some of Justin's determination and ability to go to the gym every day...ugh. Plus, I'm five pounds from my pre-baby weight, but I want to lose 30 more...double ugh.

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