Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Winding down...?

So let me think of what's new... I am really excited to be leaving my job, but these last couple of weeks are really stressful. Everyone keeps going out of town and my co-workers are all quitting. Some friends and I counted how many people have left since I started (almost two years ago) and we got to 60. Our entire group is around 100 people... In any case, I'm really relieved to be getting out. I've been researching about being a nanny, and trying to figure out taxes and other key details. I'm really excited. I'm hoping to get back together with the families this week or next to meet Maddie and her parents and go over some more details about the schedules and feeding habits, etc. etc. Roxanne seems to be getting off of her schedule since her daddy has been keeping her. She has him wrapped around her little finger. She seems to nap and eat whenever she feels like it. But I think overall, they are doing pretty well together. Justin's better able to feed her solid food than I am. We've started on sweet potatoes, which are the first things I've made with the new Cuisinart. With one large sweet potato, I was able to make two full trays of baby food. It was really fun and easy. Next week I want to make pears and apples. I also want to try avocado, which apparently Roxanne can have now. I really love the baby food cookbook we have. It's super easy and has lots of good information about what to feed and when. I'm still confused about when I can start doing things like Cheerios, so I think I will wait until her next doctor's appointment and I get clearance to give them to her. In the mean time, I've got a set of fruit and vegetables I can give. She's finally getting much better about eating solids. I"m looking forward to spending more time with her and keeping up on her development. I hope I'll get to see her first steps, and the first time she crawls, and she'll still get to be around other babies. I am hoping this will be the perfect situation. So far, it has clicked well. I will be making almost the same amount of money (my pay now minus child care costs) and I will be salaried, with paid vacation and sick days. But for this week, Roxanne and her Daddy are best friends.

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