Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy weekend

So last weekend was Ella's fifth birthday party, and Roxanne had SO MUCH fun. That party was at Gymboree. Saturday she got to go to Sarah Ellen and Anna's birthday party at Monkey Joe's. She had a big time. She always loves seeing her cousins, but add in inflatable jumpy playgrounds and lots of other yelling and playing kids, and it's the perfect recipe for big fun. Most of the areas were really not quite age appropriate for Roxanne, but I bought myself some socks and took her on a few of the jumpy things. A lot of them had slides, BIG slides, and I took her down several of them in my lap. She LOVES going down slides. She gets a huge smile at the bottom and does this really funny belly giggle and promptly tries to climb back up the slide. The funniest part is her saying "whooooaaaa whoooaaaa" over and over. She has started saying this often. Anytime she's on a slide, and on a rocking toy that Ben has. She has really taken to the rocking toy. She has a little bit of a hard time climbing off of it, so she usually just screams until I come pull her off of it. Then she climbs back on and we start over. Simple things....
Her temper is making itself more and more apparent. Fortunately, it works to her advantage sometimes, too, since she is charmingly chatty and wild and spunky when she's not irritated or tired. She is SO chatty. The fun part is that she occasionally says words that sound perfect, even though we realize that it's kind of like a parrot. She has learned to say "woof woof" when you ask her what a doggy says. And she has several other party tricks, like when you ask her where her head is, she can pat the top of it. I just read in one of the pediatrician books I read that one year olds are hams, and they know when they are being cute. Further, they persist with it as much as possible to ham it up. Ooooh, this is true.
Roxanne is really enjoying coloring these days, too. She is getting better about not eating the crayons/paints, too. She tries occasionally, but she knows enough to pretend that she's not eating it when she sees me looking at her. She acts like she was just delicately putting the crayon to her lips or kissing it. I let her finger paint today (all three little ones painted this afternoon... I am exhausted) and she got more paint on herself than the paper again. But she does seem to actually enjoy seeing the paint smearing all over the page.
What else is new...? Oh, she is getting more and more teeth. I think she has somewhere between 14 and 16 teeth by now! We're working on toothbrushing at least once a day, but we're at a little bit of an impass. We can't use the finger brush any more since she chomps down on my finger like a piranha and she's not a huge fan of the regular tooth brush (even though it has Elmo on it). She wants to eat the tooth paste but not really get her teeth brushed. Tonight we had good luck when Justin let her stand on the bathroom counter and he sang that Raffi song about brushing your teeth. At the end, I came in and brushed my teeth a little while trying to brush her, too. That worked pretty well.
OK, sorry, this is kind of a boring post. I'm going to try and upload some photos. If I do, I'll post a couple. I have some good ones of Ben painting today, but I try to keep them on the private setting on my Flickr account. So you would have to sign into Flickr to see them. But it's worth it. He's so cute.

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