Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finger Painting

Last night we decided to get a little crazy. I mean, it was Friday night. We let Roxanne finger paint for the first time! Roxanne got some wonderful finger paints and paper from Grandpa Jim and Mimi and I have really been wanting to try them out. She had a LOT of fun with it. Initially we thought we would just let her do one picture, but she totally saturated one page and still had so much paint on her hands that we decided to let her do another one. There are more photos on Flickr, and if I can get it to work correctly, I'm going to try and upload some video, too. I put lots of new photos on Flickr, including some from our Asheville trip. Enjoy!

Oh, and today we went to Imagine It! Children's Museum downtown by the Aquarium for a free cooking class. We made a really yummy chicken burrito with salsa. The event was sponsored by Clementines from Spain, so there were clementines in the salsa. And we got a tote bag full of clementines! Roxanne helped me mix up the salsa, but got a little antsy after that. The awesome part is that because we attended the cooking class, we got free admission to the museum. They have a special area for toddlers, and Roxanne really had a great time. Her favorite part was crawling over this little bump in the sidewalk area of the play zone. And there was a mini slide that she went down about a hundred times. After a few times of going up and down the slide and hearing me and Justin go "whoa!" she started saying it, too. It was cute to hear her. Of course, we forgot our camera when we left, so we have no pictures, but that's OK. We vowed to take her back soon. She's napping now, and I think she is going to take a long one. We wore her out.


J said...

I really want to go to Imagine It! but that whole charging adults admission thing really irks me. It's not like *I* am the one putting the toys in my mouth!

We should get our lil artists together for a paint-off!!!!

J said...

When reading your newest posting, I noticed Katie in the first picture of this post! Hahahahahha!