Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some favorite new photos

Yeppers. Roxanne is walking now. And tantrum-ing, which includes arm waving, yelling "no,no,no" which actually sounds a little more like "doh, doh, doh" and occasionally full body thrashing. Whew, she has a pretty serious temper. Her bottom two eye teeth are breaking through her gums right now, and they look scary! And painful. Poor thing. But other than that, she's been lots of fun lately! She's getting better with her sippy cups, and her new favorite thing to do is eat big slices of food. Like when she eats banana, she wants a big hunk of it, and the same goes for bread, apples, etc. It makes me nervous, but I hover around her when she's doing it. She's pretty good at just spitting food out when she's got too much in her mouth.

Ok, so anyways, here's some photos I posted on Flickr today. My favorites.

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J said...

The birthday party was so fun! Roxanne was so fun to watch!

I can relate to you re: the temper tantrums. Man! How can such a little baby get SO angry????