Thursday, January 15, 2009

ch-ch-chugging along

Roxanne is really taking off now. Today is the first day that she has been walking more than crawling. She's such a cute walker. Very resolute and determined. She usually keeps her hands up in the air but arms bent at the elbows. It seems to help her balance. Unfortunately, by the time we get home she's pretty tired and doesn't walk nearly as much, so Justin still hasn't seen any of her real across-the-room walking. She uses her walker a lot at home, and last night found she could bang into one of her balls (it has jingle bells in it) and smash into the electric guitar on its stand at the same time. Does that make sense? It's basically the walker crashing into the ball which is crashing into the guitar. Nothing gets hurt, but holy moly it is loud. She still falls a lot, so she almost always has a red mark somewhere on her head. I've learned to just not react when she falls, and just casually pick her up for the worse spills and tell her she's OK. It's much more mild that way. It's also a survival technique you pick up when you are trying to keep up with 3 kids all day. But sometimes she falls in these big grandiose ways, and it's all I can do to keep from scooping her and trying to keep her crawling for a little longer. Oddly enough, it's usually these falls that don't bring any reaction from her. Not even a whimper. She usually just lays her head down for a moment before wriggling back up to standing. I guess she's getting used to the spills, too.

Oh, and I have to give a plug to the Atlanta History Center's Jim Henson exibhit. We went on Sunday with Nana and Mike and Leah (thanks guys!) and while Roxanne got a little (ahem, a lot) restless through parts of the gallery, it was wonderful for us adults. I really really really loved it. And with Nana and Mike entertaining Roxanne, Justin and I were spoiled and got to see almost everything at our leisure. It ends this weekend, and I would definitely recommend a visit. I learned so much about Jim Henson that I didn't know. I was most impressed by two things that he did/said:
*He did one commercial for a toy store that was directed at children, and then declined to do any more. It was marketing the Muppet toys, and you could almost tell he was uncomfortable doing it in the tone of the commercial. He felt that it was wrong to market directly to kids.
*The other was a quote from an award show during his acceptance speech. I think it was "We don't inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children."

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