Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby talks-a-lot

Roxanne seems to be in a vocabulary explosion right now. She says "juice," "nice," "all neen," which is her version of "all clean" after a diaper change, "pee pee" and "poop." She also says "cheese." That is an important word... She is also very adept at mimicking. She will often repeat a word after you, although she doesn't necessarily use it again on her own. She says "Ella" a lot, but I'm never entirely sure if she is talking about her cousin or just saying the word. My favorite new one is "nice," because she says it when she is gently stroking the dog, or when Justin pats her, or some similarly "nice" situation. It's so cute. It comes from me and Justin trying to teach her to be gentle with animals (and people). She always seems very proud of herself when she does it. As far as the "pee pee" and "poop," I've just been trying to get her used to those words in terms of her diaper and/or the potty. She actually peed in the potty the other morning, but don't worry, I don't think it's a sign that she's a potty prodigy, I'm just letting her have fun with it. She always goes pee right after she wakes up, so I've been trying to let her sit on the potty then, and she loves it, but when she actually has to go, she screams and wants to get down, at which point she promptly pees on the floor. But the other morning, the shower was running when I put her on the potty, and sure enough, she went! I'm going to store that information in the back of my brain to bring back in a few months when we really start potty training. I want to get her her own potty, but I'm going to wait. I am still hoping we will be movign sometime soon, and I just don't want to bring more stuff into this house unless I absolutely have to.

And yes, things are still moving on the house, and we are now up to roughly a 30% chance that they will work out, but I don't want to jinx it. So I won't elaborate. Unless you are my mother or my sister or Whitney or Sarah. In which case god bless you for listening to me drone on about every mundane detail about this house and the process we've been going through to try and buy it. If we do buy it, I'll put memorial bricks in the backyard with your names on them. You are martyrs. :) And just because I'm totally in love with it, I will say that it's in Decatur, but not in the city limits. It's right outside of the city limits. It's roughly a 7 minute drive from where we are now. I know that because I am stalking the house and drive by it at least two or three times a week. I have also already mentally decorated it, and Justin has decided which walls we are going to tear down. It's tough to go through this process, since you don't want to get too excited about a place because the likelihood of things falling through is so high, but then again, you don't want to buy a house that doesn't make you get excited... Keep your fingers crossed for us! Oh, and if anyone wants to sublease our beautiful apartment, please let me know. For real. If this does work out, things might get sticky with our landlord...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


kramsell said...

I'm so glad she can say "Ella"; the girls' cousin, Clara, called both Chloe and Ella "Ella" for at least a year. Since "Chloe" is harder to say, "Chwowee" seems to be the first name toddlers call Chloe:)

J said...

more on the house!