Saturday, June 20, 2009


The photos of Roxanne in the chairs are from Highland Row Antiques. We loved both of these totally awesome vintage kids' chairs, but alas, we are broke. We like to go and look around at these stores sometimes to dream about what we will get for the house. We are just missing the house and the money to buy the things. :) But it's fun to look! And Roxanne is really getting to that fun age where she isn't just a force of destruction at these places. She likes to try on the vintage glasses and hats, and sit in the chairs, etc. We're trying to teach her the good things in life... Tee hee.

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kramsell said...

Did you ever go to Druid Hills pool? If you go in July, we'll join you, that would be such a cool place to revisit. I remember more about that pool than most of my childhood! Also, the girls want to go back to the botanical gardens, so we'll have to schedule something. It was great seeing you guys father's day, I'll call next weekend when we are back from the beach. Love you!