Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend wind-down

Is it really Sunday evening again? I'm just making a mental list of all the things I want to do before the weekend ends, and I think I have time for roughly two of them. I was looking at pumpkin cookie recipes, since every time I open the pantry I see the can of pumpkin staring at me, and the thought of moving it to a new house just seems silly. Would I be tempting fate to make pumpkin cookies for that reason? Maybe I'll wait until after closing. Pumpkin cookies would be a nice way to celebrate.

So, we had a nice weekend, but all three of us are really tired of sweating. It's just way too hot. We went to brunch yesterday with J and J and Evie and Owen, and it was really nice, but Roxanne was a little cranky on and off. Afterwards we all went to Kudzu Antiques in Decatur, and I tried to browse while Roxanne acted like a wild child. I'm surprised no one asked us to leave. She was being CRAZY! It's like a bull in a china shop, only a little more like a Tasmanian Devil in an antique shop. Equally dangerous. We didn't last long before we gave in and took her home for a nap. I am still dreaming of the jadeite salt and pepper shakers one booth had. One of my pipe dreams for the new house (if we get it) is to possibly start a jadeite collection, since it would be very appropriate to the age of the home, and I love the color. I'm even thinking of trying to talk Justin into letting me paint the kitchen in a shade that is similar. Wouldn't it be lovely to find a cool mid-century modern hutch for the dining room where I could display some lovely jadeite dishes? My favorites are the ones with the delicate red etched into them. Sorry, some of you are probably sleeping by now.

After nap yesterday, we took Roxanne back to the Indian Creek pool. And just as a weird aside, we ran into the Philosophy Department Head at the pool. He was really friendly, and we saw him speaking to his four year old in French and English alternately. His 11 year old was also clearly bilingual. I guess that's what philosophy professors do. We could try to teach Roxanne some Spanglish, but that's probably about all we are good for. Speaking of Roxanne, she did so well in the water! She's getting much more comfortable, and doesn't necessarily cling to us the whole time. Towards the end of our visit, she was letting us float her on her back a little, and she would scrunch up her head and shoulders if the water got into her ear. I'm most impressed at how she keeps the life vest on and doesn't seem to mind it very much. At one point, I took it off of her so we could sit on the steps and play with some toys, but she threw a fit until I put it back on. She has also started wearing a backpack, and LOVES it. It's a little blue koala bear that Kendree gave us, and he can store things in his tummy. On Friday after work, I took Roxanne to a cool little toy store in Ansley Mall and we picked out some things to put in the backpack. Her favorite is the kazoo, but it doesn't stay in the backpack, since she wants to play it often. I was surprised at how quickly she picked up the kazoo, but she really seems to like it. I'll try and get video of her "playing" it soon, since it's pretty hilarious. She doesn't change her pitch at all, just gets louder and louder. She also has started "singing" a little more, which really consists of loud humming.

Oh, one fun thing that happened today... We went to the new house to check and see if the electric bill had arrived (even though I specifically asked for it to be sent to our apartment, they send it to the house) and noticed that the "for sale" sign was taken down. Unfortunately, the door had been left open, too, but it didn't seem like anything was out of place. While we were there, we also talked to one of the neighbors, who was very friendly and came over to get the scoop. He is apparently a designer and has lived in his house for about 9 years. He clearly LOVES the neighborhood, and told us that it's a really nice place to live. He said that it's very quiet and that even though there are quite a few young families moving in, it's a "grandma and grandpa" neighborhood. He gave us some history on the house, and told us that the woman living across the street told him a lot of what he knows about it. She apparently built the house she is living in in 1947 and has lived there since. I won't go into the house history, since it's boring, and pretty much what I explained (he was in fact a welder/blacksmith/knife-maker guy). I guess he just borrowed too much money against the house. We went through an open house down the street, just so we could be nosy and see what the house looked like with furniture in it. It was really interesting, since the house is very similar to ours, but has had two additions and a slightly different layout. It seems like a lot of people in the neighborhood have added one or two rooms to the houses. Hopefully we won't ever need to... The agent working the open house was very friendly and gave us some history on the area. She said she had shown our house one or two times, but I guess no one liked it. She mentioned the whole "it needs a lot of work" thing. I wanted to tell her that it would still come out as a better price than the house she was selling, which also needed some work, but clearly, that would have been rude. And really, she was nice. Chatty, and nice.

OK, that's it for our weekend update. We have a momentous couple of weeks ahead of us (um, does that count as an oxymoron?) so I'll try to keep posting more often. Roxanne's 18 month check-up is Wednesday, so I'll definitely be excited to see how she's doing. I haven't weighed her since her 15 month check-up, so we'll see. Hopefully we can also get some new tips for poor little Roxanne and her no-poo habits. Sigh.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


J said...

I know what you mean about Kudzu's. They had this wonderful art nouveau bright orange ceramic bowl, but it was 49 bucks. Still, it's nice to window shop and dream about what you'll buy when money is no option.

J said...

haha-i mean, no object, not option. my brain is fried. that's what two kids will do to you.

kramsell said...

Warning-the 18 month check-up is the one with a bunch of shots ( at least it was with Ella) Bring motrin and give it to her in the waiting room before you go in.