Thursday, June 4, 2009


I didn't mean to let an entire week lapse between my posts! Sorry. It's been one of those weeks... We haven't even been able to get over to the farmer's market after work. Although I had a nice evening out with my friend Ariel on Monday. We went to Cocktails and Pin-Up night at the W Hotel in downtown, where you drink fancy cocktails and get your hair and make-up done to look like a pin-up girl. It was quite fun, although I realize from looking at photos that I have got to lose some weight and learn to smile more nicely. Oh well. It was still a nice break from babyland. And doesn't Ariel look gorgeous???

Enough about me... The house stuff is still moving along. We got all of our estimates done, so things should calm down a little. We are still waiting on some information from a couple of the contractors (ugh) but hopefully that will trickle in soon. I feel sort of bad because we have to have a lot of stuff from these guys, and I'm sure it's a pain for them, but it's just how it works. We have to get two client references, their resume, and a copy of their contractor's license. Yikes. It doesn't help that we have to work with a roofer, an electrician, a plumber, an HVAC guy, and my dad. In spite of what it sounds like, it's not really a crazy amount of work. Mainly just little things. Except for the new electrical system and the new furnace and the new AC unit. Ahem. Oh, we are also getting new appliances! So that's nice.

Roxanne is still our little comedian. Today she was putting the tail of a tiny plastic dinosaur up her nose over and over. Then she was gathering up all of the tiny plastic dinosaurs and putting them "night night" on a fleece blanket. She is learning more and more about how to play with toys in a more "grown up" way. She puts her babies on her shoulder and pats them, gives them "water" out of empty cups, puts food up to their mouths, puts them under blankets to go "night night" and she has started putting them on the potty. We are starting potty-training with Ben, and Roxanne is REALLY fascinated by it. She LOVES to sit on the potty. She gets very upset with me if I make her get off of it before she's done. Ironically, she's sitting on it fully clothed, and I don't actually think she's actually doing anything on there. I'm just trying to encourage her interest in sitting on the potty, but I don't think there's any chance that she could potty train this soon, so I don't feel like bothering with taking her diaper off every time. Maybe that's terrible, but she's not even 18 months yet! I want to start at 20 months. I've read in several places (and from my mom) that that's the ideal age to start for some kids. We'll see. I'll probably end up with a baby who doesn't use the potty until she's four. :)

One of Roxanne's fun new language quirks involves "please." About half the time I tell her to say please for something, she follows the word please with "good girl." I never realized that I say it when she says please, but now I do. Oops. It sounds kind of awful when she says it back to me, like what you would say to a puppy or something... I've been making an effort to stop that. We went to dinner tonight with Kaitlin and Jamie at Fellini's in Decatur, and Roxanne acted like a holy terror. She was throwing her food on the floor, screaming (happy screaming), waving a fork around... Whew. I think that maybe feeding the baby too late in the evening is a bad idea. She doesn't necessarily get grumpy (sometimes she does) but she always gets wild. Wild wild.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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kramsell said...

I'm so glad you and Ariel got to go out, you guys look great! I LOVE the lipstick, did you get the name of the color? I love your hair, too, but the accessorie looks a bit like sliced pickles from a distance, ha,ha:)