Tuesday, June 9, 2009

See what I mean?

That video is an example of one of Roxanne's "routines." I mean, she's even looking directly at the camera. She is such a silly thing. And this was taken on the way home from work, so it's not even like she was overtired or anything. She's just wild! The photo above is her on a toy car at the "toddler park" in Decatur. I'm just proving that she does wear pink sometimes. And she likes pink things.

We had a nice weekend. We took things pretty easy on Saturday, since Roxanne had a melt down when we tried to cut her nap short by checking out the Habitat for Humanity Re-store. We were only there for about ten minutes when she completely lost it and we left. But it's definitely a cool store. It's kind of like a thrift store, but for home stuff, and a lot of it is brand new. They even have stuff like paint supplies and door locks. Plus, all the proceeds go to a good cause! If we ever get this house, we'll be back. On Sunday, we had a nice big family function at my grandparents house in Winder. Roxanne had SO much fun with her cousins. Check out the list: Ella, Chloe, Sarah Ellen, Anna, and baby Tucker. She got to go swimming, too, and she had a great time! My grandparents had set out lots of toys for everyone to play with and Roxanne totally had a ball. We missed Leah, but Nana and Mike came, and Roxanne always loves seeing them. Sadly, I somehow managed to not take a single photo. I swear, some days I just have mommy brain. It's almost like amnesia. Hopefully my sister will share photos with me. *hint*

In house news, we are once again terrified. Well, not terrified, just worried. Seriously, if we ever get this house, it's going to be a miracle. The newest thing is that our mortgage broker sent the seller (Bank of America...ugh) a form to sign for our down payment assistance program (NSP) and apparently they signed it but crossed out some of the provisions. Um, no way guys! You can't do that on a government program! So our agent tells us "it's just another hurdle to jump before closing," but we are more nervous about it. I called the mortgage broker this afternoon to ask him about it, and he basically said the same thing, but when I pushed for more information, he said, "well, the deal won't go through if they don't sign it." Awesome. After all the time and money (and hopes) we've been putting into this house, it would really really really really stink if things fell through because of something so dumb. I guess we are just going to be stressed out until we get to the closing table. If we ever get there. I don't mean to sound like a complainer all the time, since I realize that we have no right to complain about this (we would be VERY lucky if things did work out, but we aren't entitled to own a home) but it's just stressful. Just keep your fingers crossed for us.

I haven't been taking many photos of Roxanne lately. I'm super sleep deprived, since she seems to be going through yet another rough patch with her sleep and she's keeping me up at night. Last night I got about four hours. Ugh. But I have some more video, so I'll post one or two now. Some are less recent than others, but bear with me. None are more than a couple of months old.

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