Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally! Photos!

I totally would like to blame my lack of photos on not being able to find something for the camera, but no. Just laziness. Sorry! So I'm posting photos. There are more on Flickr. The top few are from our visit to the children's hospital. Last Thursday, Roxanne stuck a little berry from some monkey grass up her nose. She calls them "acorns" and she kept saying "acorn in nose, mama." over and over. I saw it in there (up high) but by the time we were seen at the ER, it was gone. Phew! But yes, you can see she was having a big time there. Every time someone came into the room, she would yell "Hey there!" and wave. The likely story is that the berry came out through her throat and she swallowed it. Fortunately, those are not poisonous berries. The ER doctor apparently had just had to call poison control about them because a little boy had eaten a huge amount of them. Ah, kids.

The last photo is old, but it's from a trip to Kendree and Jon's house, where Roxanne was playing dress-up with her cousins. Just proof that we do let her do girly things, too!

Hope all is well! I'll try to post to the house blog soon. We've been busy, what with ER trips, painting, etc. etc.

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