Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roxanne's first haircut

I can't believe she is almost 2! I made an appointment for her first haircut on Saturday morning. She's going to see "Ms. Lisa" in downtown Decatur. We've heard a lot of amazing things about her, and Ben actually got his haircut with her last weekend. So hopefully it will go well. I don't want to chop it short, but it just needs a little shaping. She has a mullet. Apparently Ms. Lisa is great at cutting kids hair while they squirm and scream, and based on my last attempt at trimming her bangs out of her eyes, she will be doing both. She only charges $15 for little ones, so as long as we don't make this a regular thing, I think it will be fine. I'm totally going to bring the camera and take pictures of her while she's getting it cut. I'm so excited!

In other news, we've been getting things back on track with her sleeping, since we were a MESS with all of the moving. She's been sleeping through the night for the last couple of nights, which has been wonderful. I've got a cold that I can't seem to shake, and Roxanne seems to be in the last few days of hers. I guess it's just that time of year!

In Roxanne news, she is talking more and more every day. She is getting easier to understand, too. She has really been loving playing pretend, especially taking play food and "feeding" Ben's stuffed animals. The cutest is this GIANT teddy bear that Ben has in his room. She snuggles up and sits in his lap and offers him plastic hot dogs and tea. She sings to him sometimes, too. She has started giving silly responses all by herself, too. Today, she was putting her fingers in her ears, and I asked her if she had something in them, and she said "uuuuh, monkey tails!" And if you ask her what she has in her mouth, she sticks out her tongue and says "aaaaaah, a tongue." It would be sassy if it weren't just toddler honesty.

She has been enjoying "Roxanne's house" a lot. I bought her a cheapie baby doll stroller on Sunday, and she pushes her babies around the house non-stop now. Her other favorite home activities are painting and playing with her weebles. She and Justin like to throw balls around, too, especially at the blow-up hedge hog that she sits on in the living room. She will throw a ball at it, and then say "Mama, throw ball at hedgehog's face" in a very sad tone. Then I tell her it's OK, and she giggles like a maniac. Ah. Important life skills I'm imparting... :)

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J said...

we had to enact a strict rule of no throwing in the house, not even a little bit, after evie threw a toy at my mother-in-law's face several months ago. think of that what you will...

Roxanne does have an amazing grasp at sentence formation. It's amazing how it begins overnight!