Monday, November 23, 2009

Princess Haircut

So, Roxanne had a great time at Ms. Lisa's. It took a little while for her to get comfortable but then she was pretty good. Ms. Lisa is really amazing at her job. Maybe it's because she has five kids of her own... Her sign even says "Screamers are welcome" when you walk in. She told me that when she took a career aptitude test, it told her she should do something like parachute jumping. I think that's definitely the same level of anxiety as toddler haircuts. But she definitely is lovely and makes you feel like your child is an angel. Which I could maybe have believed if Roxanne wasn't swatting at her so often. But, between a well-timed lollipop, an episode of Sesame Street, and a warm up playtime on a Lego table, she did fine. And her hair is so cute! We told Ms. Lisa that we thought Roxanne would look cute with a bob and short bangs, but we weren't sure that it would work for her. But she agreed right away and said that she needed a European haircut to go with her hip style. :) Again, she knows what to say... So anyways, enjoy the photos!

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Jim said...

Roxanne is too cute for words. The haircut looks fantastic!