Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Photos!

This is my first post from the new house... I'm just doing a quick one because we are all exhausted and Roxanne is going nuts. We're going to watch some TV on our computer, thanks to Mike setting up our network for us! Thanks Mike! And thanks Nana for keeping up with Roxanne. She has been walking around since Nana left a little while ago saying "miss Nana, Mama. Miss Nana, Mama." Awww. And thank you to Mimi and Kaitlin for visiting this morning and paying lots of attention to Roxanne. She needs it. And thanks to Ariel and Luke for coming over today with food and helping lots and lots. And thanks to Kendree and Chloe for coming and helping so much yesterday. We truly are so lucky to have such a helpful and loving family. We still have lots of work to do. But it's coming along nicely.

Anyways, I'm posting some photos Mike took of us on Halloween. We went trick or treating with Roxanne in Nana and Mike's neighborhood. Roxanne had a great time and is demanding candy as often as possible. I made Roxanne's owl costume. Hopefully it doesn't look to cobbled together. We had a great time.


J said...

Very cute costume!

adriane said...

Thanks! The make-up was a little rough since it was kind of like trying to put make-up on a cat.