Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

So, Roxanne has really really been into singing the birthday song lately. Our family has a lot of fall birthdays, so I guess she's just been hearing it a lot, too. Mine was most recent, so Justin taught her to sing me the happy birthday song, which she kept singing after my birthday, too. To try and explain that it was not my birthday any more, I told her it would be her birthday next, and told her she could sing "Happy Birthday to Me!" and apparently it caught on. She just sings it at random times. Some of her other new favorite phrases are "I did it!," "I'm so scared!," "I busted it,"What's going on?," and her newest, "I want candy, Mama!" Thanks Halloween. She is less of a parrot these days and more of a little person. She puts words and concepts together in a really neat way. On Monday morning (our first morning waking up in the house) she ran into our footboard and hit her lip. She told me, "I am busted my lip mama." When I put her on the phone with people, she is getting pretty good at making conversation. Today on our drive home, she was talking to Nana on the phone, and I told her to tell Nana where we were going, and she said, "Roxanne go get Dada." It's funny how sometimes she talks about her self as "I" but other times says her name.

In not so nice news, I have been having a lot of trouble with her biting. She doesn't bite me, just Ben. They bite each other, but it's still bad. It's especially frustrating because she is verbal enough to tell me or Ben why she's upset. She tells me all the time "I want to play with Ben's car" or "Ben take it away," but when they get into scuffles, she loses control. She's only bitten him 3 times, but that's enough for me. She's tried to bite him many more, but I've caught it in time. Of course, one of those bites was a result of Ben putting his finger in her mouth. But one of the bites I found out about much later. Apparently, his grandparents noticed he had a bite mark on his little booty. Sigh. I guess I missed that one.

She has been having a lot of fun re-meeting all of her old toys. She really missed them all. And she got lots of new ones from Mimi and from Chloe and Ella, and Nana. She's so spoiled! Honestly, we now have enough toys for three kids. But Justin and I both really like the play room that we'll have here. One advantage of a small house is that she can be in the playroom and we are in the kitchen or living room and we can hear her perfectly. And in two steps, we can see her. We do need to find a good storage solution for in there though. Right now there are still lots of boxes everywhere.

Oh, and because I'm constantly overextending myself and taking on projects that I can't complete, I set up a house blog. I wanted to make sure that I didn't spend all my time on Roxanne's blog talking about the house, like I have been. And I'd like to have it as a record for later. If you want to check it out, the URL is and I'll probably put a link up for it on this blog. So, if you are interested in that stuff, check it out. It's still really stripped down for now, but some day I'll spend some time making it look better and put up some links to other design blogs I like. My mom told me about one in particular written by a young guy in Athens who is renovating his first mid-century ranch. And while I don't like some of the choices he makes, it's nice to see some of his projects. So yes. I'm off to try and get some work done. And charge the camera! We finally found the charger! Yay!

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