Friday, December 18, 2009


Most of you have heard by now, but we are all sick over here at our place. It's been like a horror movie. Fortunately, we are all starting to feel a little better, but I think it will take a few days to be back to normal. Roxanne seems to have been running a low grade fever off and on today (of course, our thermometer isn't working and won't register any higher than 96 degrees, and since Roxanne isn't an iguana, I'm pretty sure it is broken) and she's been sleeping a lot. Which is good, since Justin is still feeling pretty awful. I'm mostly better, but really achy and worn out. I ran a couple of errands this morning and by the time I got home I had to lay down. None of us have eaten anything other than crackers, popsicles and chicken soup lately, so that doesn't help with the whole feeling weak thing.

We are really really really disappointed about having to postpone Roxanne's birthday party. We were really excited about it, but we don't really have the strength to sanitize the house (and please, let me tell you, when your 2 year old is vomiting every 3o minutes for six hours or so, you really need to sanitize the house) and the thought of us giving this AWFUL stomach bug to someone else is horrifying. Especially since the gestation period would probably make it so that it kicked in right in time for Christmas. Not nice... We are just thankful that we hadn't booked a party place like Monkey Joe's, which we were really considering. It would have been pretty frustrating to lose money on a deposit... And when I was researching how long you are contagious with one of these stomach viruses, it's not easy to find an answer. Some stomach bugs seem to stop being contagious 24 hours after you stop vomiting, but others can last up to 2 weeks after symptoms go away... Yikes. It's just not worth it to tempt it. We were given this lovely virus thanks to someone else being careless about exposing their sick child to others, and I really don't want to do the same.

But that's enough about that... We hope we can reschedule Roxanne's party for sometime in early January. We'll keep everyone posted. We'll just plan to have it here. I had to run to Target this morning to get some supplies (ginger ale, etc.) and I bought Roxanne some super cute decals for her wall. I've been eying them for months, and I finally decided to just get them. They are from the Woodland line of Circo room stuff, and they are so cute. Roxanne helped me put them on her wall today in one of the rare periods where we were able to be up and about. We put them on the walls above her crib, and she kept looking at them and saying, "I love them!" So cute... Well worth the $15 that I've been too cheap to shell out for them. They are perfect for that wall that you can't hang anything on because you know that the baby will probably pull it down...

Roxanne's talking is really getting serious. It still takes me by surprise when she says things, and uses these pretty complex sentences correctly. She has lately been talking about Santa, and how she wants him to "bring you presents." And on Wednesday, before she threw up the first time, she told me, "Mama, my tummy's hurt." When we watch TV now, she comments on what the characters are doing, like when we watched an episode of Spongebob earlier, she kept saying, "Squidward ate all the crabby patties Dada! haha!" Good and bad really, since we are going to have to be much more careful now. Last weekend, I was painting a picture frame for her room, and she came over and asked me if she could paint, too, and when I told her it was Mama's paint, she said "da*n it." Ah! I actually don't know where that came from, since I have a pretty immaculate vocabulary most of the time thanks to my job. I kept asking her "what did you say?" and she just kept repeating it. But I really thought I had to be mis-hearing her. Nope. I just said quietly, "we don't say that Roxanne, it's not nice," and then changed the subject. I've learned from experience that if you spend too much time teaching her something is bad, she just wants to say or do it more. Sigh.

Alright. I've worn myself out with typing. Poor pitiful me and my poor pitiful family. Hopefully we'll shake this soon!

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