Sunday, December 6, 2009

A busy weekend...

So, this weekend, we hosted a super fun baby shower for my friend Sarah (our first real event at our new house!), we picked Katie up from my Dad and Colleen's farm, we (I) decorated the house for Christmas, and even got to see my grandparents for a few minutes. You can see in the photos that Roxanne was very excited to have Katie back. In the photo with both of them, Roxanne is trying to simultaneously pet and try to get Katie to dance with her. We have an iPod doughnut that Mike gave us when we moved into our last apartment, and it's been getting a LOT of use in our new house, too. We often listen to music in the living room and have family dance parties, so that's what we were doing when Roxanne was trying to get Katie to dance. We've been listening to Christmas music, but the Squirrel Nut Zippers Christmas album is the house favorite. At least for dancing... We also listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas album a lot, but it's for dinner time. There's too many low key songs for dance parties.

I'm rambling... So yes, I'll post photos on the house blog of our Christmas decorations as well as some photos from the baby shower. I felt so grown up hosting an actual gathering! Roxanne apparently thought it was the best thing ever and flirted tirelessly with everyone.

We took Roxanne to see Santa today, and it was kind of a let down. She basically just looked slightly freaked out when I set her in Santa's lap, but not enough to cry or anything, just enough to make a zombie face in all the photos. We went to North Dekalb Mall, and since it was almost 6 when we went (closing time) I think everyone involved was just kind of "phoning it in." The Santa was very sweet though, and good with Roxanne, but no matter how many times I gently corrected him, he kept talking to Roxanne like she was a boy. Poor Roxanne. At least she knew about all the toys he was asking about. He asked if she wanted a "Thomas the Train," or a ball or some trucks. Of course, Roxanne kept saying "yes!" to all of these, since that what she plays with at work. Ben has a huge train table with Thomas trians, and Roxanne really does like it. Maybe I should start bringing a tutu to work for her to wear sometimes... But still, she was pretty zombied out overall. And I had put her in her one and only Christmas shirt with a pretty little felt poinsetta on it, and Santa let her have a huge sticker before the photo shoot, and she of course put it right over the flower. Sigh. I'll try and post the Santa photo later. I'm tempted to take her to a different Santa and just not buy any photos. It's totally annoying that you can't use your personal camera, but I guess that's the only way they make money.

I just have to say, we are really enjoying our home. It's just nice to be able to spend time together here. Justin and Roxanne have been playing a lot in the playroom with the Kinex that Kendree passed on to us, and it's so cute to hear them in there. The cutest is when Roxanne walks up to Justin and says "come play with me Dada!" and drags him into the playroom. Last Sunday we were all able to play in Justin's "music room" in the basement for a while and make silly music. And Justin and Roxanne played ball in the backyard last weekend, too. It's just such a nice change from our old apartment, where we felt so cramped that we often wanted to spend most of our time out of the house. We really are lucky.

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

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