Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Roxanne!

Wow. Roxanne is two today! We have tried to do some fun things today even though we had to postpone her birthday party. First, we took her to a paint your own pottery place and let her paint a cupcake box, which was fine except that I took too long to paint my ornament and she had a melt down waiting for me. Oops. After that, we went to Bagel Palace and she had a birthday pancake followed by a cookie (with sprinkles of course, since she LOVES everything with sprinkles) and a dum dum lollipop. Sigh. Then we went home and all took a nap. After spending some groggy time trying to wake up, we headed over to Harry's in Alpharetta so Roxanne could visit with the real reindeer and Santa. It was so cool! The reindeer were really neat, but unfortunately, we couldn't touch them. I finally realized that having animals with giant antlers as part of a petting thing is in fact probably a bad idea. Duh. But she did have a good time, and she got an antler crown that she wore for the rest of the evening. We couldn't coax her to sit with Santa, but we finally got her to give him some fist bumps. He was a hip Santa who was totally on board with that. Unfortunately, our camera was too slow to capture any of said fist bumps, but I assure you they were funny.

Roxanne is getting to bed now, which is good, since she's exhausted. Oddly, she's also pretty dehydrated today, which is weird since she has been able to eat almost normally today and has been drinking. It makes me really nervous and I've been trying to get her to drink Pedialyte. Why do they hate the things that are good for them? That stuff is gross though, I have to say. It's weirdly salty...

Anyways, I'll try to post a nicer post later when I'm more settled. Something more like a "reflecting on Roxanne's first two years" post. Right.

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