Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Mode

We have been shopping all weekend... Whew! Birthday presents and Christmas presents for Roxanne and we are trying to finish up our Christmas shopping for everyone else. Unfortunately, that hasn't left us time to finish a lot of the projects we wanted to get to around the house before Roxanne's party next weekend. Sigh. There are still weird spots on the ceiling in several rooms where we need to repair the water damage from the old roof, and the hall light is still disconnected. That is officially my least favorite room in the house... Oh well. Now I'm focusing on the food aspect of her party. We're going to aim for a menu of Roxanne's favorites. Yay!


J said...

that is an awesome santa!

J said...

wait-is this the north dekalb mall picture? roxanne looks like she's smiling!!!! she looks pretty sassy to me.

adriane said...

Thanks! Yes, that's the Santa from North Dekalb Mall. He was nice enough, but overall, it was a mixed bag... And now Roxanne keeps saying "I want Santa bring you presents!" Ah. The Christmas spirit.