Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The tantrum thrower

Whew. Terrible twos have arrived. As any member of my family can attest to... She was a doll at Thanksgiving at Pop Pop and Yaya's farm, but that was mainly because random strangers were apparently giving her chocolate through most of the event. But we went to Callaway on Saturday to be with my mom's side of the family (lots of us nowadays!) and Roxanne had several full-on meltdowns. She likes to lay on the floor in public places when she's throwing these fits. It's really charming. On the "Magical Night of Lights" tour, she threw a prolonged fit because Justin wouldn't let her climb under the bench of our moving trolley car. Before that, she had been totally mesmerized by the lights. We still had a great time, but I think maybe some of the other people on the train might have felt differently... :) In any case, we are hoping this phase ends soon. Ugh.

Not to be too negative. She's doing lots of really super cute new things, and her talking is still getting better and better. She says really hilarious things all the time. Her favorite phrase right now is "I don't like ____." Justin is convinced that it came from him reading her Green Eggs and Ham but I don't know. It kind of seems like a normal step in development. She often says that she doesn't like things, and then five seconds later she says, "I do like ____!" about whatever it was she was talking about before. Which supports the green eggs and ham thing. The only real downside to that is that sometimes she says she doesn't like Dada, or kisses, or whatever nice thing that she is currently grumpy with. We always tell her that she shouldn't say those things, but it's always hard to tell what is getting through. The most noticeable thing about her personality these days is that she's very sassy. Cute, but sassy. She thinks it's hilarious to be contrary. And it usually is...

In other news, we are still trying to get settled into the house. We are really loving it, but there are a million little projects we need to work on. We are obssessing over each detail since we hope that these things will be in place for a very very long time. I'm working on my graduate school application, and I'm officially locked in, since I've registered to take the GRE on January 8. That is one expensive test... Justin has been stressed at work, but at least it should slow down once the holidays roll around.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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