Wednesday, July 25, 2007

18 Weeks!

Today marks the beginning of the 18th week for me and Justin and Hosey. We'll be going to the doctor on Wednesday, August 8th for the next ultrasound. This time Hosey should look like a real baby. Not as much like a little peanut. We would be able to find out the sex at this ultrasound, but we're sticking to our guns and not finding out. At least for now. I think we should start some kind of gambling pool on the sex. Sort of like fantasy football or something.

If only I knew anything at all about gambling... sigh.

If anyone else is knowledgeable about gambling and wants to start a pool, let me know! I think it's nice to bring a baby into the world with some seriously interested parties in the background. And by interested, I mean invested.

I read that roughly 75% of couples find out the sex of the baby, and so we're in a pretty small minority, which I think is pretty neat. I read a quote from a mom who didn't find out, and I thought it was very true. She said that after we find out about the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus, life doesn't have too many great mysterious surprises, and this is definitely a big one! Another mom said that finding out the sex was the only thing that got her through labor. I thought this was a pretty good point, too. I know I'm not a big fan of pain, and I'm going to need all the support I can get...

I have also added a link to our friend's blog, so that everyone can see their beautiful new baby, Evie. She's adorable!

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Jesse said...

Yay, you're almost half way! I think the best way to organize the pool is to do a Win, Lose, or Draw pot where you pick the sex to Win or Lose OR you play it safe and bet on you giving birth to a baby human and that will be the Draw. Oh yeah, and it should be a $10 minimum entry. Actually even better would be to have a side bet on the weight of the baby too. The possibilities are endless really. You could even bet on whether or not they are born with hair on their head.