Thursday, July 12, 2007

By popular demand

Lots of people have been asking us about names, and I never have a good answer. I'm also quickly realizing that it's scary to tell people baby names that you like, since they seem to have absolutely no fear about telling you they hate a name that you like. Seriously. Then you have to think, "Well, what if I end up naming the baby that name? Then I'll always know that this person who is important to me thinks it's a dumb name..." and that's not a nice thing.

Talking to Justin, we think we'll just have a top two or three names per gender, and then we'll make the last minute decision once the baby is born. Justin wants to know what happens if we disagree, but I promised that wouldn't happen. I told him I'd probably be so drugged up that if he picked "Sprinkle" as a name, I'd probably think it was awesome.

Then I talked to an attorney at work who has four kids, and him and his wife disagreed on a baby name for their son in the hospital, and he really didn't like the name that she picked. However, considering that she just spent the last 12 hours bringing that baby into the world (not to mention the nine months before), he let her win. And now he can't imagine that child being called anything else. I think our baby would be the same. Even if friends or family don't like the name that we pick in the end, they will still have to call the baby that, and they will get used to it.

So that being said, we have a few ideas for first names, but we are definitely not decided at all. We like Roxanne for a girl, as well as Josephine. We also like Elliot for a boy. Beyond that, we are still looking.

I made the mistake of buying a baby names book with 25,000 names in it. I knew I wanted one, and I was at Borders looking to get one in the $5 price range, of which there are many. So then I narrowed it down to the ones that were in the price range, had a cute cover, and had the most names in them, thinking that obviously, more names was a better buy. However, I'm realizing that this baby names book is awful, since it has way too many names (they have Shakira and Shaquira as two seperate entries. Wow.). The book is also seperated into boys and girls names, and I really like gender neutral names. Oh well. At least there are lots of options!


kramsell said...

I think that Hosey is a great gender neutral name:) Ella has also suggested "towel" for the middle name. I think I'm going to have Ella write a baby name book, celebrities would love it.

Seriously though, everytime we go out in public now, there is a "Chloe". I certainly still love the name, but I have to admit, my shoulders slump everytime I hear someone else calling their daughter MY daughter's name. I think it's great that the names you have already chosen are unique.

There is a really cute picture of you and Justin on my flickr account from Candler Park. I think Katie is even in the pic. It would be perfect for your blog!

Love you!

Dawn said...

I've seen a website that has the most popular baby names for the past umpteen years so you can steer clear of those names. You can also look up your name and the popularity of it in the year you were born. You and Justin can also use family names, hint, hint..just kidding. Whatever you name him or her, will it be acceptable to shorten it such as Roxie or Josie??

auntie2 said...

I am very excited to become an aunt again. I am also very happy for the both of you and I know you will be a terrific mom Adriane and a awesome dad Justin! I look forward to all of the fun things that come along with a pregnancy like the baby shower. I looked at the list of names and I think they are all great! I also like the name Palmer for a girl. You may not like it just a thought. Can't wait to see the both of you (plus 1). I am leaving to go to New York today with Jamie. I am very psyched about it. Love both of you!
Aunt Kaitlin (2)

Jesse said...

i think that Hosey should at least be the child's middle name...although i think Hosey Towel Lilly has a nice ring to it...very lilting

Justin said...

How many times do I have to say it? The name is going to be Sprinkle! Just kidding. The name is Justin Patrick Lilly XIV (the 14th) - - boy or girl. Get used to it!


Jim said...

I see no possible naming option, should your baby be of the male variety, other than Hogarth Spinoza--connotive (I just made that word up, but you know what I mean) of the artist/philosopher that I insist my first grandson be. No pressure, though.