Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to work

Well, our beach trip is over, but it was absolutely wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves, and spent lots of time just relaxing on the beach and listening to the waves. Neither of us got sunburned, due in large part to Justin's insistence on using SPF 45 (he's such an old fart...) but I did get stung by a jelly fish on my left foot. This and the cankle further supports my theory that my left foot is cursed. Seriously.

We also started filling out the baby book while we were on vacation, and that was really really fun. We tried to take lots of pictures, too. We especially had fun at Fort Frederica, taking pictures with Spanish moss. The weather was perfect, with one fantastic storm that was big and lasted only for the amount of time that we were eating dinner in downtown St. Simons. Everyone came in soaking wet. We had amazing timing...

When we got back last night, we had the pleasure of meeting our good friends' new arrival. She was born on the 19th and she is just perfectly gorgeous. Since Justin and I live so close to them, we can walk over and then leave again when the fussy time starts (not that she ever got fussy, she was perfectly sweet and quiet, but you know what I mean). It was really neat seeing such a new baby, and having some practice at holding one again. Justin held her for about half an hour, and she just slept in his lap. He is smitten.

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J said...

She's still not all that fussy. I am started to think it's just a facade, and that she will stop being such a good baby.