Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today I got a leg ultrasound...

Getting up to go to lunch today, I looked down to see that my left ankle and foot were extremely giant and swollen. So being an appropriately worried mama, I called my doctor's office and left a message for a nurse. I rigged up a chair at my desk, dangled my foot on it (very lady-like in the dress that I was wearing) and waited for the phone call to tell me that I was being paranoid.

So about three hours later, the nurse called to tell me that I was being paranoid, and said the usual things: drink lots of water, etc. Then a half hour later, the doctor called me, asked me to confirm that only one foot was swollen, then asked me where I was and how fast I could get to her office.

Appropriately panicked, I left work and went to the doctor. After looking at my foot, she agreed that it was indeed very very large and swollen, but did not look like a blood clot, especially since there was no pain involved. She sent me to get an ultrasound anyways (better safe than sorry she said) and adding that it was a precaution that wouldn't hurt anyone except for my insurance company.

So after wasting half an hour wandering around the maze that it is also known as Piedmont Hospital trying to find the ultrasound place, I finally did (after checking in with five million or so admissions people). A very nice girl who asked me all types of personal questions about being pregnant did the ultrasound and told me it looked fine. She said the doctor would have to back her up, but that she thought it was fine. So now I just have a cankle (calf-ankle blending into the same body part) that has no good reason for being there. At least it's not a blood clot! And I got a hospital bracelet with my name and birth date on it. It's very official.

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Jesse said...

Now you must accessorize and accent the new limb with a canklet!