Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cold coffee

I just wanted to complain for a minute. Last night, Justin and I went to the Flying Biscuit in Candler Park for dinner, and we got rained on as we were running from the car to the restaurant. Of course, it was freezing cold in the restaurant, and so I ordered a decaf coffee (I'm trying to limit my caffeine as much as possible) anticipating eating breakfast for dinner. And I wanted to warm up...and they have real sugar cubes there. Who can resist that? Anyways, the coffee came, and not only did it have an extremely strange smell, it was cold. Like room temperature. I didn't send the coffee back, just made Justin smell it. He was equally disgusted. We mostly just thought it was funny. And anyways, the food was wonderful. Good salads, and good biscuits.

The real thing that irritated me in the restaurant was a couple who was sitting near us. They came in, and the man immediately got on the phone. He proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes talking on the phone while his date looked out the window and seemed mildly embarassed. We see this a lot these days, but it never ceases to annoy me. I guess I just don't understand why you would bother to go to a meal with someone and then ignore them the whole time. What could possibly be so important?? We went to a restaurant in Oakhurst a few months ago (The Universal Joint, yummy but too busy) and a couple on the patio stayed on their respective phones for the full hour we were there. Didn't look at each other or anything. Just drank beer, smoked cigarettes and talked on their phones. They even would call someone else when one conversation was over. Maybe they were fighting? But for goodness sake, go home!

Anyways, I just wanted to vent about that a little. I think it's sad when people ignore each other, and it's also rude to your waitress, who has to interrupt your phone call to get your order. Hosey will not be getting a cell phone until he or she is old enough to be courteous on it. That's all I have to say... :)

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