Monday, May 26, 2008


As I speak, our neighbor (the same one with 3 motorcycles for each of the 3 people who live in the house) is setting off fireworks in his backyard. Right next to the chicken coop. Oh right, he also has a rooster and a few hens. In all fairness, he keeps the rooster in a box at night, so it never cockadoodledoos at night. Only during the day. And I think it's kind of neat. The chickens and rooster are all really pretty and white. However, the neighbors (two guys and a girl) all park in the lawn, and the house looks a little rough (not counting the heaps of construction material in the backyard). Sadly, we seem to fit it easily with these sort of heavy metal rednecks... We never have to worry about anyone being bothered by Justin playing guitar. Maybe eventually we can buy eggs from the neighbor. I'm just too scared to talk to him. He's big and has a shiny bald head.

On the other hand, the neighbors on the other side are the antithesis of us. They are wealthy (like FOR REAL wealthy) although they are around the same age as us and have a baby a little younger than ours. But it's hard to like them for several reasons. They have parties where the guy's rugby (I'm serious) team comes over and it sounds like drunken grunting ensues for the next few hours. They usually wrap it up early at least. Then there's the pet dachshund who Justin swears is named "Rod," who they let out loose in their front yard to yap and poop in our yard, even though they have a fenced in backyard. Then there is the fact that they dumped about a billion pounds of red dirt all over our driveway when they ran caterpillars up and down our driveway and through our backyard in order to re-do their backyard. They messed up the entire street for at least a week, and installed a sprinkler system. In the middle of a drought. Apparently you can run a sprinkler system on new grass for a given number of days, but they were running it in the front yard, too, and there was NO NEW GRASS UP THERE. So while our landlord was telling us it might be better to not flush the toilet if it's only peepee, this goober is running a sprinkler.


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