Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, I finished my articles, but not until today...oops. But at least they are done! I'll probably get fired from doing any more, but we'll see. This weekend has been really nice, but busy. Today was like a sample of what working from home with Roxanne would be like. It was actually better than I thought. The bad news is that Justin got some bad tummy upset from Crescent Moon in Decatur, where we went for brunch. We will not be going there again. So it was me and Roxanne and 13 articles. We were really a good team. It did make me think I'd like to have a baby swing. The exersaucer and bouncy seat are great, but I think she'd sleep in a swing like she does at Andrea's. Although Andrea tells me that Roxanne has been sleeping in a crib for her naps.

Oh, and also, Roxanne's bottom teeth are finally peekng through! Yay! Hopefully the pain will subside for a little while, too. Poor little thing just wants to chew on EVERYTHING.

My massage on Saturday was really wonderful. I'm still having some back pain, but it's not nearly as bad, and Rome wasn't built in a day. And the massage was amazing.

Alright, Roxanne is giving me a hicky on my neck. I think she's hungry. We hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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