Saturday, May 17, 2008

mmm, Saturday afternoon cuddle time

Roxanne and I are snuggling right now (well, I'm snuggling and typing; it's a gift). Afternoon naps on the weekend are one of my favorite things. We woke up early this morning to go to a co-worker's wedding shower (well, Justin didn't go) and Roxanne met lots of new ladies. They all wanted to hold her and Roxanne really hammed it up. She also spit up a little on the hostess' throw pillow. I consider it a souvenir. From there we picked up Justin and met some friends for lunch in Kirkwood. It was so nice to sit outside in this amazing weather. I made a nursing apron for myself, and I have to say that I LOVE it. It's made from an old sheet with a pretty floral pattern on it, and since it ties behind my neck, Roxanne can't throw it off. And it's super light so she doesn't end up sweaty while she eats. Ew. I used it last night when we went to dinner with my sister and nieces. Roxanne REALLY likes Ella and Chloe. She even giggled at Ella a time or two. She stares at them and smiles at them and tries to grab their faces and hair.

We just got home from a trip to Dr. Bombay's for a treat and then a walk around Candler Park. We put Roxanne in a swing and she really liked it. I'll post pictures later. It was very cute. We decided that we should go to parks more often. It's such a lovely way to spend your days. Plus, I can feed Roxanne when I need to, and she can nap if she gets tired. Atlanta has some amazing parks. We are starting to really worry about gas prices though, and we are trying to drive as little as possible. And with no end in sight to the high prices, we are wondering what will happen. How will we drive to see family? How will we go to the grocery store? I'm at least glad that our car gets decent gas mileage and that Justin takes MARTA to work. But we wonder if every family will have to examine their budget and lifestyle to figure out how to afford gas. I'm most concerned with our family though. To use some old familiar wisdom, different strokes for different folks. On that note, I think I'll look for some "Different Strokes" episodes on YouTube!

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Jim said...

What a great post! I think this is the first picture of Roxanne I've seen (the featured one on this post) where she looks like Justin--her mouth is still yours, Adriane, but something about this picture really reminded me of Justin.

I hope you enjoy your massage tomorrow--you certainly deserve it. As for writing on deadline, I think I never would have gotten anything done in my life if it wasn't for mortal fear of missing a deadline--that's just human nature.

We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Love,