Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flickr Video!

I'm currently procrastinating. Justin and I are watching Indiana Jones (The Last Crusade) and I'm supposed to be working on my freelance articles. But I seem to work only when I'm sleep deprived and in very very serious danger of missing a deadline. So I'll figure out how to write 15 300 word articles by tomorrow night. I promise.

So, Flickr has started allowing video! I uploaded a few short videos of Roxanne today. They look just like the photos, but you should see a small "play" symbol in one of the corners of the image. I know they aren't earth-shattering, but for those of you who don't get to see Roxanne that often, they are pretty cute. Roxanne is pretty cute in general these days. I think her teeth are going to come through any day now. Earlier this evening she was really fussy, and I gave her some Hyland's Teething Tablets, and she is OUT for the count. She is sleeping through Indiana Jones... We've had a nice Saturday, starting out by getting some delicious pastries at Elan's in Morningside and then going to Sydney Marcus Park in Morningside for a picnic and a stroll. We imagined what it would be like to live in that neighborhood. It's so lovely. Of course, most of the houses are probably at least $500,000. Plus, we really love our neighborhood.

Oh, and I'm getting a massage tomorrow! I can't even believe it. My mom recommended that I check out the Atlanta School of Massage for cheap student massages. She was right. I am getting an hour massage for only $40. My back has been totally a mess since Roxanne was born (or before) so I'm hoping this will help. I feel very very lucky. I've had a massage once before in college, and it was amazing. Let's just hope the student who does it isn't creepy or obscenely inexperienced. I don't even care though. I'm just excited about laying down by myself for an hour. I'll probably fall asleep immediately.

There I go, talking about myself endlessly again. Justin is doing well, too. I'm currently typing on his new laptop. His work gave it to him, so it's not really ours, but it's beautiful! It's a big nice Dell. He's been playing with it, and our desktop for hours the last few days. Although he has of course been playing with Roxanne. They are very cute together. Roxanne is SMITTEN with Justin. She gives him lots of smiles, and her favorite thing is when he whispers "Wild Child" to her. It cracks her up. She has also learned to make raspberries and kissing sounds. The kissing sounds are my favorite. She's also developed a very high pitched whining sort of squeal, that is pretty much exclusively tied to teething pain. Fortunately, it's pretty quiet, but it is very high pitched. She's also started rolling from her tummy to her back, but only a few times. All in all, things are good around these parts, and our family is having a good streak of calm. I'm still working on my freelance career and looking around, but I'm trying some relaxation techniques, etc. to deal with work. Plus, I'm 9 to 4:30 at work, which helps, too. The more time with Roxanne, the better!

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