Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving forward

Our due diligence period ends at midnight. We've decided not to back out. Of course, there could still be problems at any point and end the deal, but probably not on our account. That's just what our real estate agent told us. He was trying to give us the "just so you know" talk, but it only freaked me out. I was grilling him asking if he knew something we didn't, but he apparently was just trying to be fair and inform me that there are "always risks." Then he launched into a speech about what a nice house it is and what a good deal we are getting. Sigh. We've been very very busy getting estimates and talking to the mortgage broker and the real estate agent (who give conflicting advice sometimes and make our lives more difficult) but we think that all in all, this is a good deal. It's just going to be a stressful few months. Even if and when we close on the house, we will still have to deal with contractors and repairs. The good news is that we don't need a new roof. But there will be lots of electrical updates. And we are getting a new AC and furnace. The AC unit in the house works, but it is 35 years old (!). The furnace just doesn't work at all. The dishwasher and stove work, but they are really old, so we might see if we can manage to get new appliances with the renovation laon. We'll see. I have to give my Dad and my stepmom a big thanks here, since they have been VERY helpful with getting contractors out and getting us estimates. My dad has even met some of them at the house for us. I don't know how we'd be handling it if we were having to deal with all that, too.

On the Roxanne front, she's a little wild child lately. Her sleep is a wreck, and she's waking up two or three times a night (or more...). I'm thinking maybe she's getting her molars starting to come in. She hasn't cut a new tooth in MONTHS, and since she's had 16 teeth for so long, I'm thinking her molars will probably be a little ahead of schedule, too. Although teeth aren't really on a schedule... She's been very very physically active lately, and continuing to enjoy her new found jumping, running, and climbing skills. Last night I left her in the living room for about 30 seconds while I got some water, and when I came back, she was standing on the desk chair. When she saw me she giggled and made her "OH NO!" face. But she certainly didn't sit down... I had to put her back down on the ground, and of course she got very upset with me. She is a stubborn thing. We also went for a walk on Tuesday, and she learned the word "splash," along with the corresponding action. I thought it was cute at first, but Roxanne and I were walking Katie, and stopping every ten seconds to step in a dirty puddle gets old fast. Even Katie got annoyed. Justin and I think she's pretty much learning a new word every day, but she doesn't necessarily retain the words. She repeats it back when you teach her, and she uses it correctly for as long as she's in the pertinent situation, but you have to remind her of the word the next time it comes up. Does that make sense? So in a way, it's kind of like she's just mimicking our words, but she shows understanding of them, not just the ability to pronounce the words. Like with "splash;" she repeated the word to me a few times, and then every time we got near any water, she would dip the toe of her shoe in or jump in and go "plash, plash, plash," over and over. Anyways, it's fun to watch.

Alright. I'm off to stare at listings for appliances on the Home Depot website. Ugh. We have to have the finalized estimates to our broker by the middle of next week. Who knew buying a house was so scary???

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kramsell said...

I haven't read your blog in forever, it's so nice to have internet again! I can picture Roxanne "plashing" in puddles on your street, what a cute image...We are in GA for the next 2weeks, we'll definately come visit soon:)