Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh what a night

Roxanne was being sort of quiet this evening; sort of stoic and mature. This made me decide to try her in her Bumbo seat. She seemed sort of unimpressed. She just sat in it and sucked her hand. I think she saw it as vaguely convenient since she could easily reach her fist, and this is always a good thing for her these days, as it's in her mouth very often. The problem with it comes from a new move Roxanne is cultivating. Basically, every time we sit her up, she leans forward. Apparently it's called "tri-podding" and is a natural step in babies learning how to sit on their own, but it's very silly. When I sit her up on pillows, she just struggles forward until she topples over. She even does it in her car seat, making this funny grunting sound as she pushes on the harness.

After we saw that she could at least sit in the Bumbo unassisted, we put together her exersaucer to try it out. It took a while and was a pain to put together, but oh man was it worth it. Roxanne really liked standing in it (she loves to stand up when you hold her) and she sort of leaned herself against the side of the seat (see photo) like a pro. We realize that she isn't supposed to be in it until she's four months, but we watched her like a hawk, and she is very strong for her age. She especially liked the rattle, and every time Justin spun it, she would turn her head back and forth really fast like she was looking for the sound. She talked a lot while she was in it, too. I mean a lot. She just chatted and chatted. At one point, her sounds started to sound a little fussy, so Justin pulled her out. As soon as she was out, she started really fussing. He put her back in, and she started chatting again. Altogether, she was in there for about fifteen minutes before she started crying to be taken out. She was so alert in it, and really looking around at some of the toys. She eventually was able to make the rattle spin, but it could easily have been accidental. Either way, she liked the noise.

Oh, and she is feeling much better today. She was able to go to Andrea's.

And I posted lots of photos. Are we overwhelmed yet? I'm trying to figure out how to post a few short videos we've taken of her on our little digital camera (not the video camera yet) on YouTube, but they seem to take five years to load. I'll keep trying though.

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christa t said...

I wish I could find 2007 Adriane and tell her that in exactly one year she would be writing blog posts peppered with the words "Bumbo" and "exersaucer." 2007 Adriane would not have believed me and would have challenged me to a bottle fight.