Monday, February 25, 2008

Playing Hooky

Roxanne is still having constant poo. It's definitely diarrhea now. Don't you love reading our blog?! Such lovely topics!

I called the Children's Healthcare hot-line yesterday afternoon because Roxanne was still pooping very very frequently, but the nurse I talked to (she was really kind of an idiot) said that since she has no signs of dehydration and is in good spirits and has no fever or anything, I should just call the pediatrician Monday morning. So I did. Overnight, Roxanne's pattern kept up, and I think I changed her diaper in a half-asleep zombie state about four times. I called the pediatrician's office very early, around 7:00, because I needed to know whether or not I should get ready for work or plan to take her in to the doctor. It ended up being neither. A very sleepy doctor called me back (I could hear her baby in the background) who was very nice, although not our normal pediatrician. She said that Roxanne probably has a little stomach bug, and if it doesn't clear up in four or five days, I'll have to bring her in. She said to watch for signs of dehydration, like dry mouth, and if that happens, I'll need to bring her in right away. She said I could give her Pedialyte if I want to, but for now, I'm just trying to nurse her as much as possible. She is complying nicely. She really is very cheerful, and every time she poops she gives me a big proud smile. I was tempted to bring her to Andrea's so I could go to work, since I don't get paid sick days until March 1. But I would be upset if one of the other parents brought their baby in knowing that he or she might have a stomach bug. So we're home and I'll probably have to work on Saturday to make up for it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying myself! I just feel bad for little Roxanne. She's tough though.

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