Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sick Daddy-O

I'm starting to feel better. I'm not crying hysterically any more, and I've been able to enjoy myself at work a little (lunch with my co-workers, witty office banter, etc.) but I still miss Roxanne very very much. The best part of my day is picking her up from Andrea's. I get a little report card every day, with information about Roxanne's mood, her naps, her eating and her diapers. Today Roxanne was "tired." Tuesday and Wednesday she was "playful" and "chatty." Andrea likes her a lot and gives her lots of kisses when I drop her off. She says she's beautiful. I'm inclined to agree. She said that Roxanne is very very alert and likes the swing. She said Roxanne grabs for the little bird that hangs down on it. She also says she is very strong for her age. She showed me how Roxanne tries to talk to her when she is holding her and talks to her close to her face. It's very cute. Andrea has such a pretty accent. Roxanne has also gotten up to about 8 ounces a day while she's there, but she still eats and eats and eats at home. I still wish that I could stay home with her all the time, but things are getting better.

Justin has been feeling ill for about a week or so. Today he actually had to leave work early, and he's pretty sure he has a fever. We think he has the flu. So far, Roxanne and I have been OK (knock on wood) so I'm hoping that if it is the flu, it's the strain that the vaccine covers and me and Roxanne will be fine. Next year, Justin is getting a flu shot if I have to take him myself. I feel so awful for him. He looks miserable, and he's been afraid to touch me or Roxanne all week. I rented him a couple of movies this afternoon after I picked Roxanne up, but I think he's too miserable to watch them.

Well, Roxanne is almost asleep enough so that I can sneak away and walk Katie. We wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, I posted some new photos on Flickr. I know a lot of them are poor quality, but I figured most of you won't mind!

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