Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday of Poo (don't proceed if you can't handle poo stories)

Not to be terribly gross, but yesterday was really all about poo. Roxanne and I had a nice early morning, and we went to the consignment sale at the church down the street where we bought some cute clothes for summer. Not much else, but I did see a woman with a giant version of Roxanne's little caterpillar. It was exactly like it, only it was about four feet long. I coveted that caterpillar. I watched her like a hawk until she paid for it and left. I was hoping she'd decide against it, and put it back. Oh well. So after the sale, we went home and picked up Justin so we could all go to brunch together. We headed over to Pastries A Go Go in Decatur. On the ride over, Roxanne made it extremely evident that she was pooping. So while we waited for our table at the restaurant, we changed her diaper in the trunk. Pure class.

After brunch, I was finishing my coffee when I realized that Roxanne had pooped again. I hustled her into the bathroom, which came equipped with a changing table. I made Justin come in there with us. He was very flustered, since we were in the only unisex bathroom, meaning that if a boy had to go, he was just going to have to wait. I however, was merciless. I realized that Roxanne had pooped through her outfit and her coat. So we had to strip her down and basically give her a bath with wipes. She was wailing the whole time. We finally got her cleaned up and changed into a new outfit, during which time a pre-teen boy walked in on us and seemed to be scarred for life. We then went home for a nice afternoon napping session. Roxanne pooped two more times while we were home.

She was all clear for the rest of the day, and we went to IKEA in the evening to get a picture frame. She seemed to enjoy herself there, and I wore her in the sling so that she could see everything. It was overwhelmingly busy there though, and our check out experience left Justin and I both frazzled and stressed. We had a nice quiet evening at home, watching some episodes of The State on iTunes, and went to bed. I then woke up two times during the night to feed Roxanne and both times she had pooped again. It's like she's getting all of it out of the way for the rest of the week. I was worried for a while that she might be sick, but I don't think so. She's been very cheerful and happy, and very playful. I think she's just an overachiever.

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