Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I can't believe how fast the days go...

It's already Tuesday! We had a great weekend this weekend. You know the kind, relaxing but busy and interesting.

We went to brunch on Saturday morning and then out for a little birthday gift shopping for our friend Bob. Roxanne is really getting good at the whole restaurant thing. I let her sit in my lap and she just sits quietly and plays with the table. If she gets fussy, I give her these Baby Einstein plastic links to play with, and she loves them. Until she throws them on the floor... She has a little squishy bath book that Nana and Mike and Leah gave her for Easter, and it's perfect for the diaper bag, and she likes to look at this at restaurants, too. Usually by the end of the meal, she's up on mine or Justin's shoulder snoozing. We're hoping that she stays this mellow and easy going.

After shopping, we went to Athens for Bob's birthday. It was nice to see some of our old friends (and former bandmates...) and they all liked Roxanne a lot. She was being very charming, even though we ended up staying for a long time and she was up past her bed time. We were driving home around 10:00, and Justin was commenting on how he was frustrated that we left so late, and then we realized that the last time we visited Bob, we left around 1:30 am. But those were pre-Roxanne days. Either way, driving on 316 to Atlanta any time after dark is sort of awful.

Sunday we went to brunch in Historic Roswell at Pastis, with my Dad and Colleen (Pop pop and Yaya to the babies), and my sister and her family. Roxanne really likes her cousins. Ella sang her songs when she got fussy, and she totally loved it. Just stared at her and smiled. After brunch we walked around and went to one gallery where they had a ton of original paintings and sculptures by Dr. Seuss! They were absolutely amazing. If Justin and I had money, I would have definitely bought one. They also had limited edition prints of some scenes from his books, but even these were around $200. But they really were just amazing. The sculpture above was my favorite.

We went to a coffee shop after walking around for a while where you can paint pieces of pottery and then pick them up in a week or so all fired and pretty. Ella painted a mermaid, and Chloe did a frog. I painted a little star-shaped candy dish for Roxanne, thinking we could keep her pacifiers in it. It was so relaxing! I forgot how much fun it is to paint things. While I painted, Roxanne was the pass around baby and took a nap on Colleen. By the time we left Roxanne was a little overstimulated. Our Sunday evening was quiet and restful. And we have been discovering that Roxanne very much enjoys slow dancing with Daddy.

She is also getting a little bit more rough with me, not that she is doing it on purpose, but she has started ripping off my glasses and pulling my hair. I'm still in the honeymoon phase, where I'm just so excited that she's being interactive that I don't mind the pain. I wonder when that will wear off... During bath time on Sunday, she started copying me, which was very exciting. We play this little game called "Monster Baby" where we make Roxanne stand up and we say "Monster Baby!" and growl. She likes it a lot, and I was doing it during her bath, when she started growling back. It was so cute!

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