Monday, April 7, 2008

Lazy weekend

Sorry it's been so long since I posted! Last week was awful at work, and this week is not looking much better. Five people got fired today, and although they were all expecting it, it was sad and also uncomfortable.

This weekend was nice and easy. On Saturday we did nothing but brunch and laying around at home. Just watched the big basketball games while me and Roxanne played upstairs. Friday night was similar. Roxanne was throwing an absolute fit on Friday night, and it definitely seemed like it was teething related. She almost always settles down once I nurse her, but Friday she was just desperately miserable, and almost seemed to get worse when I tried to nurse her. I finally gave her a tiny bit of Orajel, which seemed to help some. Then I broke all of my rules and let her watch a little TV with me while chewing on the heel of my hand. We watched some old episodes of Project Catwalk, Season 1, which is the British version of Project Runway. I love it! I have decided that Kirsty Doyle, who ends up winning, is my new hair idol. Her hair is what my hair could be if I used fantastic styling products, fantastic red dye, and had a fantastic hair stylist (no offense to Justin, my current coiffeur). Plus, she's from Liverpool and has a lovely accent. Roxanne watched about 15 minutes worth and then fell asleep. It's scary how fascinated she is by the TV, or in our case, laptop/youtube.

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