Friday, April 11, 2008

Roll Over, Roll Over

Roxanne can roll from her back to her belly now. She did it for the first time sometime in the middle of the night on Monday. I sort of smiled in a half asleep haze. It makes me proud, but also a little sad, because I really think I should probably put her in the crib now. I have paranoid visions of Roxanne rolling right off the bed. That is extremely scary. I read in one of my baby books that is in favor of co-sleeping that babies will only roll towards you, and so far that has been true, but I don't think I trust it enough... Plus, I think Justin would like Roxanne in a crib. I wish we had a giant king size bed so we could all fit comfortably. Our double bed is fine, but it gets tight with just me and Justin (or nowadays, me and Roxanne) and there is no way the three of us could fit. Maybe eventually we can afford to upgrade to a queen or king. That would be exciting!

Roxanne came into work with me for a little while yesterday evening. I had to finish some things up, and I have to pick her up from daycare between 5:00 and 5:30, so I went and picked her up around 5:00 and then we came back here. She is so well-behaved! She sat in my lap and banged on my desk while I put together some filings and sent a few e-mails. She smiled at all my c0-workers (it's scary how many people are still around here at 6:00 and later...) and even giggled at my boss. She must have known who to impress. She did start to get fussy eventually, but I think it was because she was bored. Then she did a loud and giant poop while one of my co-workers was in my office fawning over her, and I of course had neglected to bring any diapers in with me. I think she was letting me know it was time to leave. I've only brought her into work a few times, but every time I do, she poops. That's what she thinks about my job I guess. I'm inclined to agree.

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